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Celtic Knots: The Ties That Bind

Welcome to Audrey Nicholson’s website, author of the compelling new novel about forbidden love, betrayal, and triumph.

PLUS: Authentic Irish recipes that will whisk you away to the emerald isles!

Celtic Knots is now available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook editions.

WRITE IT: Your Memoir

Ideas and Techniques. Create a Rough draft. Starting at the beginning is a good idea. However since you are the author and this is your life journey that is a project in progress there is no end. You can choose to close whenever and wherever you decide is best. Write...
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Ten Pointers for Creating a Memoir

So you want to write your memoir but don’t know where to start. One: Be patient with yourself. Life is a journey some memories are easier to recall than others. Start with those that come easily and get them down on paper. One thought will lead to another and before...
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